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If I had a window to peak into your soul, what would I find?

The Challenge

Within our frum society and within our flourishing Torah observant educational system, too many students lack enthusiasm for their mitzvah observance, are disenchanted with perpetuating core values and often lack Jewish pride.

Our Vision

Taamu is a flavorful community of women seeking an authentic

and joyful relationship with HaShem and each other. It is a way of life that empowers you to become your best self and lead a life imbued with Divine passion, inspiration and sisterhood.

Our Mission

Taamu is a community of women seeking divine inspiration in building a meaningful and joyful life for themselves and their families. Together, we strive to build an authentic relationship with HaShem, leading to a life imbued with:



Delight in joyfully choosing, day after day, the beautiful lifestyle HaShem provides for us through mitzvot.



See beyond the dos and don’ts and take pleasure in the loving relationship HaShem offers to all of his children.



Stop asking 'why... what if... if only...’ and achieve a serenity that you never dreamed possible.



Live your most meaningful life, by carrying both HaShem and each other in your heart.

Meet Rabbi Aryeh Royde

Rabbi Aryeh Royde.jpg

Rabbi Aryeh Royde is a distinguished and highly sought-after Torah educator, motivational speaker, and mentor for individuals of all ages and stages in life. Rabbi Royde seeks to infuse the lives of his students with the profound richness of Torah, purpose, and spirituality. He accomplishes this by forging personal connections with each and every person with whom he interacts. 

Remarkably, Rabbi Royde's journey into this holy work can be traced back to his early days in grade school when his third-grade teacher embraced, rather than discouraged, his playful exuberance as the class clown. This experience left an indelible mark on Rabbi Royde, imparting the vital lesson that, to make a difference, one must meet people where they are, not where one wishes them to be. This approach has transformed him into an inspirational Torah teacher celebrated for his role in helping thousands of Jews embrace their Jewish heritage and deepen their connection to Hashem. 

Rabbi Royde is the founding dean of Taamu, a post-high school seminary for women. He also regularly gives shiurim for groups of followers in Brooklyn and Monsey, and he teaches online for broader audiences as well. 

Further enriching his contribution to the community, Rabbi Royde also serves as the director of Project Inspire for Rockland County and as the co-founder and director of Traveling Chassidim. Through these endeavors, Rabbi Royde strives to help individuals in Jewish communities near and far connect with their Jewish heritage through song and celebration.

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