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We searched and mined.

For that unattainable treasure. Too rare to find.

A precious gem covered in mud

Removed layers of dust with a thud.

And Lo and Behold!

We can no longer with hold.

We struck an extraordinary form of gold.

"Pain is the Price to Pay for Pleasure", as told.

Pre-prepared precisely to fit your mold.

We were sold.

We discovered the dormant within you


Come collect your diamond

And watch the saga unfold .

Why leave it to chance,When I can prepare my worries way in advance.Best to take matters into my own hands.ill wrap em up tightly to preserve the smell.I've heard it said, they freeze quite well.Ready for use whenever my supply runs lowI've got it down pat. I am a worrying proIt feels extremely productive thinking "what if"He/she wouldn't be as close to the edge of the cliff."If only" that last straw didn't cause the camels back to break.I'd have way less headacheAnd a lot less losses at stake"If only" I'd get instructions on how to deal with strife.I would know how to properly conduct my lifeRisk averse ,I've learned to expect the outcome at its worst.Its more comfortable to avoid pain than  hope being burst.

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Benny Friedman
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We hope you enjoy these Creative Expressions, where we utilize artistic expression to explore the profound connections that weave together the beauty of Torah study, spirituality, and the unshakable bonds of sisterhood. Join us on an enchanting journey into the essence of these themes, and let the melodies of inspiration and the verses of unity resound within your Neshama

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