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Thanks so much for the great advice to listen to Rabbi Royde's shiur on Pesach.

I was looking to come into Pesach with something beautiful and this surpassed my expectation.

I learn emunah with a friend, so I am not a stranger to the concept, but this took the concept of emunah to a whole different level.

It was incredible how the hagaddah took on a whole different meaning.

Thanks again and may Rabbi Royde continue to be able to inspire others!

Good Shabbos & Gutten Chodesh!

“How I converted from being Chassidish to being Jewish"

A soul on fire.

So, I used to identify as being "Chassidish" from Brooklyn. The ultra, ultra- orthodox kind.  The kind belonging to a highly insular sect with an extremely modest dress code. We feel so holy that we believe we are God's favorite group of Chasidim.  We have one well-kept secret belief which we refrain from sharing with the outside world. But let me indulge you.


We all know: "Moshiach will be making his first stop at our rebbe's court to pick us up.  After we are all done loading up, with our large families, if there is still some space left, he'll go fetch whoever else is left of klalyisroel."


Benevolent soul that I am, I would often tease my non-Chassidish acquaintances that I'd graciously squeeze them in next to me in the front row (no worries).



I recently discovered a religion called Judaism to which I have formally converted. I now identify as a full-fledged Jew who has fallen head over heels in love with being Jewish. I have discovered an intense admiration for every facet of yiddishkeit that I previously didn't know existed.  I am so passionate about connecting. About seeking out opportunities to connect.  About refining my relationship. I pray that Hashem will help keep me connected to him like only he can. I am desperate to do everything I can not to lose that drive or to keep the fire in my soul alive.


The experience for me was not only therapeutic, but it was also empowering. It pushed me out of my comfort zone and cajoled me to reach heights above and beyond myself to share this newfound "secret to success" with others.


Therefore, my dear friends, I extend this invitation to you. 

Come join me in this experiential journey of learning how to connect to your creator on such a soul stirring, deep emotional level that it will blow your mind.


Come be enamored by the experience of "Heaven on Earth.”

  • When your life has been transformed in unimaginable ways.

  • When you know with absolute clarity that you have been rescued from yourself.

  • When your lost soul has been found for you and returned to you on a bed of roses.

  • Then you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you have been touched by Angels.

Unsung heroes that are in the trenches daily. Saving lives.                      

  A frum from birth BT

  • I arrived with a shattered soul. Like a diamond covered in soot. Unrecognizably, crusted in dust.

  • I emerged with a sparkling neshomo,  Shiny, cleansed to perfection.  

  • I found a hidden treasure  deep within the recesses of my heart that I fell in love with. I found a creator that is purely, gloriously good and always approachable.

  • I was born again. To myself.

 Thank You Taamu for the rebirthing experience                         

Forever Grateful

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