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Mission and Vision

  •  Vision Statement:

Taamu is a flavorful community of women seeking an authentic and joyful relationship with HaShem and each other. It is a way of life that empowers you to become your best self and lead a life imbued with Divine passion, inspiration and sisterhood

  •  Mission Statement

Taamu is a community of women seeking divine inspiration in building a meaningful and joyful life for themselves and their families. Together, we strive to build an authentic relationship
with HaShem, leading to a life imbued with

  • Passion:  Delight in joyfully choosing, day after day, the beautiful lifestyle HaShem provides for us through mitzvot.  

  • Inspiration:   See beyond the dos and don’ts and take pleasure in the loving relationship HaShem offers to all of his children.

  • Empowerment:  Stop asking 'why… what if… if only…’ and achieve a serenity that you never dreamed possible

  • Sisterhood: Live your most meaningful life, by carrying both HaShem and each other in your heart.

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